World's First 3d endoscopy Eye Centre

It gives us immense pleasure to announce the Installation of micro 3d Endoscope with Laser delivering surgery system . 3D Endoscopy  surgery system all in one brings numerous advantages to all kind of patients with any retinal disease,Retinal detachment, Dislocated IOL, Nucleus drop ,Glaucoma , ocular trauma.
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Best treatment for glaucoma is available in India

ECP is the safest Sutureless procedure.
In this procedure the secretory cells of the ciliary epithelium ( Ciliary processes) are ablated using laser energy controlled under direct endoscopic observation, to reduce the production of aqueous humor and lower intraocular pressure without causing excessive damage to uveal tissue or sclera and with minimal to no inflammation.
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Most Advance 3dWIDE OCT Angio FA machine

The most valuable, fastest & accurate diagnostic tool for the detection and monitoring of any Retina disease, diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration ,Macula:3D Scan ;Macula:Radial Scan; Optic Disc:3D Scan; Disc:Circle Scan ,Analysis functions for Drusen and nerve fiber, ganglion cell, and inner plexform layer detection Glaucoma Change in the Nerve fibre layer thickness can be monitored via RNFL Trend Analysis and comparison with normative data. Anterior Segment :- Cornea 3D Scan Multiple patient visits can be viewed simply on one screen aiding disease management.
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Comprehensive Eye check up  by Senior Ophthalmologist:-

  • Eye Examination/Eye checkup with most advanced machine in the world.
  • Unaided Visual Acuity (Checking with computerized monitor)
    Visual Acuity (WITH GLASSES)
  • Glasses Presciption
  • External Examination (Eye and adnexa)
  • Slit lamp Examination Internal Exam :- (Cornea, lens, fundus)
  • Cornea ( Putli) examination with digital
  • Cataract ( white Motia )examination with digital assessment,
  • Glaucoma ( kaala motia) Examination
  • Retina ( pardah/fundus ) examination
  • Color vision testing
  • Neurological Integrity (pupils)
  • Binocular Function (stereopsis)
  • Accommodation and Vergence
  • Intra Ocular pressure (IOP) DIGITALLY / NON TOUCH
  • Oculomotor Assessment
  • Dry Eye Test with Dry eye machine
  • Keratometry AUTO 3d
  • Complete Refraction with best machine in the world
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Get your eye examined by Senior Ophthalmologist


Get your eye examined by Senior Ophthalmologist

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